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Great agent with a positive attitude

Robyn made selling my house a easy process. A great positive attitude to a quick sale. Always available to contact and worked after hours just to get the sale done. Great job Robyn I’ll be sure to contact you for the next house Thanks again – Corey Duniam

Sold Sold Sold

Very professional agent who didn’t put pressure on us to drop our price for the sake of him getting a quick commission. – Nathan & Yvette Smith

Lovely nature

Robyn has a lovely nature with no pressure in buying. Strives to negotiate a good price. – Shaun Buckley & Rachael Watt

Fantastic Service

Robyn was very easy to deal with resulting in us finally being able to buy the perfect property for our requirements. Her work ethic couldn’t be faulted and was always there to assist with any queries we had throughout the process. Because Robyn was so efficient we listed our existing home for her to sell […]