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Thank you, Nathan Hughes!

Nathan’s honest and professional approach has made this process a very positive experience. Such a hardworking, patient person who fully understands the importance of clear communication. Nathan and his support team have been a pleasure to deal with and they have my highest recommendation. Sincere thanks! – Teresa Inkson

Great market knowledge

Great market knowledge very honest and professional in his communication, great advice of future house sales for my business as a builder looking forward to using his services in the future. – Fouad Khalil

Very good agent

I have been very pleased with the help from Aaron at B&H in purchasing my new home in Ulverstone, he has a very friendly manner and has kept me informed whenever I have had a question about property. – Marylin Clark

Absolute Professional

Nathan, you were professional at every level within the process, you also listened to our concerns when needed and guided us the right way. Have recommended you to several people already. We would use you again. Thank you – Ronald & Julie Hunt