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B&H Advantage+

Unique to B&H Real Estate our Advantage + commission is set at only 1% plus GST to save you a huge amount of money in the sale of your property. With only a small upfront fee this service includes a full professional photo shoot, a sign board on your property, marketing to both our extensive buyer database and on all of the big name real estate websites including Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au plus many others including Facebook and B&H Real Estates own website.

When it comes to buyer inspections, you choose what’s good for you. Inspections can be carried out by either yourself (the owner, friend, relative etc) at no extra cost or at your option by one of our trained sales people for a pre arranged fee.

All buyer enquiry, follow up and negotiation is still handled by a professional sales person so there is never any need to be worried about the potential stress often involved in a typical property negotiation.

Initial marketing fees can be tailored to your properties unique marketing requirements and are in addition to the 1% commission.

Why not give the B&H team a call for your FREE no obligation appraisal now on 03 6447 1213, email us at service@bandhrealestate.com.au or simply use our appraisal form in the menu at the top right of your screen.

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Don’t limit yourselves to just the basics, a good marketing campaign could be the difference between a good price and a great one. Professional photos and a presence on both realestate.com.au and domain.com.au are a must, but what about the rest ? If your property requires extra marketing such as a full HD aerial drone video, a full spread in the news paper or interactive online floor plans you need to have access to the options. By choosing B&H you can be sure that you wont be limiting your price by limiting your marketing.